1. The Embalming Process Explained
    Something Like Squids

  2. Crowns For Crones
    Something Like Squids

  3. Gravel Planet

  4. The Rendered Life

  5. Clarinet Sticks The Laundromat

  6. Space City Sonic Array (July 13, 2013)
    a Naked Production

  7. The Son Of Otter
    Fist of Kong

  8. Jim & His Amazing Friends
    Jim & His Amazing Friends

  9. The Bull & The Otter
    Olympus MONS

  10. The Finley Sessions
    Fist of Kong

  11. Expansion And Collapse

  12. Grill Meditation

  13. The Major Works of Fist of Kong - 2009
    Fist of Kong

  14. The Enclosure

  15. Phaser (Two Patterns)

  16. Snail On A Razor

  17. Naked Strings

  18. Sunday Afternoon

  19. Tales Of Sea And Space

  20. Rites Of The Caribou

  21. House Of Cards

  22. Saturation

  23. Four Pieces For Electric Guitar

  24. Anthracite

  25. Factory Drones

  26. The Countess
    Charlie Naked & Jo Bird

  27. The Black Hand Of Man

  28. Live, Volume 2
    The Last Bastions

  29. Upil

  30. Massive Structures

  31. Live, Volume 1
    The Last Bastions

  32. Ghostly Arcades

  33. The Wake-Up Call

  34. Lind

  35. The Big Yawn
    The Last Bastions

  36. Music For Bathing
    The Last Bastions & Ben Lind

  37. Behemoth

  38. Ululation

  39. Space Monkey

  40. Misery And A Paycheck
    The Last Bastions

  41. Grovel And Wait
    The Last Bastions

  42. How About A B-Boxer?
    The Last Bastions

  43. Gorjus

  44. The Last Bastion
    The Last Bastions

  45. Oceans Of Shattered Glass

  46. Human Rinds

  47. Shitwah

  48. The Magnificent Octopus

  49. Six Months Of Silence

  50. There's Always Time For Avijit

  51. The Bassist Is Never Alone

  52. Is This Seat Taken?

  53. Like A White Hot Something Coming Outta The Sky

  54. The Best Of The Rest

  55. Leroy Says No

  56. Seven Monkeys

  57. The Bastard Index

  58. Divine Homework

  59. The Drone Wrench

  60. Improvised Horsey

  61. Napalmolive

  62. File Under... Avijit


Charlie Naked Houston, Texas

Charlie Naked began making solo multi-tracked music in 1995, but soon evolved into areas encompassing electronic and computer music, drones, and sonic collage. Often collaborating in such Houston, Texas-based groups as Fist of Kong, The Mess, Olympus Mons, The Defenestration Unit, and the Last Bastions, Charlie Naked continues producing his own works whenever inspiration hits. ... more

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